What is the easiest way to remove copper from wire?

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Are you still annoyed with how to remove copper from wire? Here the easiest way will be provided for you. The amount of copper wire you own is important to which method should be suggested.

For a small amount of copper wire, you collected them after the new ones used at your home or your neighbors, an electrician knife is enough. But be careful, your cutting angle, strength and hand stability are very important, otherwise it is easy to get hurt. Why not let you burn the used copper wire with fire? Burning the insulation with a fire will pollute the environment, and the high temperature flame will oxidize the copper, resulting in less perfect copper. Of course, the wire stripper can also remove copper from wire. But your copper wire is very rare. You may only use it one time, is it really worth to buy? Moreover, for thin copper wires, the treatment of the wire stripper is not available.

remove copper from wireCopper wire

If you have a lot of copper wire in hand, then I need to congratulate you first, this is a good opportunity to make money! The copper removed from wire can fetch a good price in market. How can you do that? First you can crush the scrap copper wire into 0.67-1mm granules. Since the density of copper and plastic is different, it is easy to sort them out. Sounds hard? Give this work to the machine!

remove copper from wirePiles of copper wire

The copper wire recycling machine is developed to specifically implement this function. This machine requires only one person to operate. It is so simple that an ordinary worker can be proficient in less than a day. And you can decide how much is processed per hour, 100kg or 1000kg, it's up to you. It is surely the easiest way to remove copper from wire. The copper wire recycling machine made by DOING company is completely pollution-free, and you about 100% copper wire can be recycled, no loss.

the easiest way to remove copper from wireCopper wire recycling machine

Now, do you know easiest way to remove copper from wire ? As to the other questions you confused about are not mentioned above, please let me know, I am willing to have further communication with you.


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