How to separate copper wire from insulation?

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Copper wire could be separated from insulation through different methods. Burning or washing or peeling or granulating? A good choice to separate copper wire from insulation decide if the valuable copper could be fully made for recycling use or not.

Copper as the conductor of cable wire to transmit electricity, information and electromagnetic energy conversion, it require the insulation cover for safety purpose, protecting creature from the electric shock. However, after the copper wires are used and wasted, then how to and what’s the most efficient way to separate copper wire from insulation for recycling use?

As we all know that the insulation cover on copper wire is mainly plastic or rubber, which made people easy to think out the way to use fire and chemical to remove the insulation from copper wire. But simple and crude way only leads to bad effect. Pollution and unnecessary waste is the result.

separate copper wire from insulationCopper wire

Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Company suggest you the green way to separate copper wire from insulation. And the suggested process is easy, and mainly consist of crushing and separation. The separation could be air separation or electrostatic separation according to your input copper wire size. For the copper wire size bigger than 3mm, only air separation is enough, which achieve the separation purpose through the different gravity of copper and insulation material (plastic or rubber). But for the copper wire size less than 3mm, the copper wire is very thin, thus the gravity difference between it with insulation material would be tiny, which could not be available fully separated by air separation. Based on this consideration, we developed the electrostatic separator, which is specially used to separate thin copper wire from insulation, with the separation rate reach to almost 100%.

copper wire recyclingCopper wire recycling machine

How to separate copper wire from insulation for high benefit recycling? The old saying is right, a good choice would be a good start.


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