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The price of different cable granulator machine is different, which is related to its capacity, design, quality, and configuration.

cable granulator machineCable granulator machine

First of all, about capacity, it is easy to understand. Cable granulator machine have many different processing capacities from 100kg/h to 1000kg/h for choice. Large capacity relatively high price. There are also a variety of models to choose from. Specific which kind suits you, can have professional personage to give you good advice.

And then, good quality is also an important factor affecting the price of cable granulator machine. If the machine all use the hard and antiwar cutter, which have a long service life, then its price if lower than inferior copper granulator machine, it is unreasonable.

Similarly, in the market, there should be different suppliers for one machine, of course the supplied designs are different, Cable granulator machine has very compact structure which requires small land size, and it is easy for disassembly and installation with convenient maintenance. Also the suppliers would offer different copper recycling machine prices according to their own production cost.

What’s more, the most important factor that affects the price of granulator machine is its configuration. Cable granulator machine adopts dry physical separation of copper wire, can realize double recovery and comprehensive utilization of plastic and copper, and there is no loss in the process. The recovered scrap copper price is basically the same as that of high-quality copper. It brings huge economic benefits.

cable granulator machineCopper recycled from waste cable

In conclusion, in order to recycle the copper and plastic from scrap cable wire, you will spend a sum of money on a cable granulator machine, so we recommend you can not only look at the price, the most important is the comprehensive consideration of all aspects, t find a cost-effective machine. Our machine is only higher 100-200dollars than the metals get from traditional water washing and fire burning ways. But it because of high recovery rate, low investment and by the majority of customers. As for the copper wire recycling machine prices, please send us your requirements or your budget to start this business, we’ll provide the proposal with best offer.


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