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Copper cable wire recycling machine is a kind environmental protection type machinery, also called as copper wire granulator machine. Copper wire granulator machine is used for recycling scrap cable wires to separated copper and plastic through crushing, air separation or electrostatic separation process, without using fire, water or chemical, thus no secondary pollution to the environment.The separation rate of our copper wire recycling machine could reach to 99.9%, which you could see no copper in plastic and no plastic in copper.

Input Material - Copper Wire Recycling Machine

Copper wire recycling machine recycles scrap cable wires through crushing and separation process, so it has no limit for the input cable wire size or types. Any building wires and cables, industrial cables, low voltage cables, flexible cords, fixture wires or special purpose wire and cable, like battery lead wire, boat wire, bus drop cable, electric vehicle cable, festoon cable, distributed generation cable, etc, all could be recycled through copper wire recycling machine.

  • Industrial Cable

    Industrial Cable

  • Automotive power cable

    Automotive power cable

  • Gearbox wire

    Gearbox wire

  • Multi core cable wire

    Multi core cable wire

  • Parallel wire pair cable

    Parallel wire pair cable

  • Power cable

    Power cable

  • Sensor cable

    Sensor cable

  • Power Control Tray Cable

    Power & Control Tray Cable

Running Video - Copper Wire Recycling Machine

Specification - Copper Wire Recycling Machine

Model Dimension Capacity Power Weight Recovery Rate
DY-400 2000*1650*2600mm 100-150kg/h 18.5kw 1800kg 99.9%
DY-600 2500*1800*2850mm 200-300kg/h 45kw 3500kg
DY-800 3800*1900*3500mm 300-500kg/h 55kw 4200kg
DY-1000 4200*2100*3800mm 600-800kg/h 65kw 4800kg
DY-1200 5180*2300*4200mm 800-1000kg/h 80kw 5500kg

Advantages - Copper Wire Recycling Machine

  • feature

    Integrated type compact design

  • feature

    Fully automatic PLC control

  • feature

    Air suspension separation technology

  • feature

    High quality SKD-11 alloy blades

  • feature

    High efficiency pulse dust collector

  • feature

    High voltage electrostatic separation

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