How to dispose of cables and wires?

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The most efficient way to dispose of cables and wires is to use the professional cable wire recycling machine, which has a high copper recovery rate.

As we can see, the waste cables and wires can be seen everywhere in our daily life. Whether it is industrial cable wire or household cable wire, or earphone cable, etc. They all can be put into recycled.

When the cables and wires couldn’t be for normal using or working any more, then it will be classified as waste. Recycling waste cables could make the resources to be recycled again and there is also much copper which has a good selling market contained in the waste cables and wires. Therefore, many waste material recyclers find this kind of business, and they grab the chance to take these waste into further process and recycling, take out the copper and reuse it or sell it directly to the market to get the profit at the same time.

dispose of cableCables and wires reuse

However, there are different ways to dispose of cables and wires. The oldest way is to burn it directly, then the copper will be left. Not to mention that directly burning will affect the quality of copper, now it even has been banned because it can cause much environment pollution.

There is another way is to use water-washing way to separate the copper and plastic. But with the increasing awareness of water resources protection, this method has slowly lost people's welcome.

Then it comes to our cable wire recycling machine processing method. The machine is totally physical separation, without any chemical pollution. Through the processing of crushing and air separation, the copper and plastic could be separate effectively. Also we have the electrostatic separation which is mainly used for further processing very thin wires so that the cables and wires could be separated sufficiently and make the separating rate reaching to almost 100%.

cable wire recyclingCable wire recycling machine

Dispose of cables and wires is to make contribution to the environment, is to get profit to yourself, so what are you still waiting for? Contact us!


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