200-300kg/h copper wire granulator machine was commissioning before delivery to Ireland

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On March 25, 2020 , one set 200-300kg/h copper wire granulator machine ordered by Ireland customer was commissioning at DOING factory. The above is the commissioning video of copper wire recycling machine.

From this video, we can see pure copper and plastic is separated from waste wires and cables. The whole process of copper wire granulator machine without using fire, water, thus no any pollution.

copper wire granulator machine The loading of copper wire recycling machine

The copper wire granulator machine has successfully completed the commissioning. After counting all the components, it was shipped from the DOING factory to the port of Shandong. The above is the loading picture of the small copper wire recycling machine.

It will take about 20 days from the port of Shandong to Ireland. After the machine arrived in Ireland customer's factory, our project manager will guide the installation and operation through online video.

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